Verified bookmaker company, how not to get caught by scammers?

The field of betting is very developed on the Internet, there are thousands of sites that offer to win on predictions of sports events, online gambling, television programs and social events. Unfortunately, not all bookmakers work in good faith. Fraudulent bookmakers develop new schemes every year, which often even an experienced player cannot unravel. Let’s consider the main signs of a reliable bookmaker, as well as what scenarios of deception are most common.  


What a reliable bookmaker’s office should have

Often you can hear the advice that it is better to choose a betting company with a good experience. That is partly true, if the company has been in the betting business for at least 5 years, you can gather enough information about it, and the risk of being cheated is much lower.  However, newcomers, in order to attract customers, often give additional bonuses for registration, offer higher odds. Therefore, you should not ignore them completely either, the main thing is to make sure that the company has:

  • understandable and comprehensive portal, where you can easily find all the necessary information – for example, see Melbet website;
  • official license – if you entrust your money to the bookmaker’s office without a license, there will be nobody to complain if anything;
  • transparent bonus policy – often bonuses are just a way to lure the user to the site, and the conditions of their withdrawal are simply impossible to fulfill.

Fraud bookmakers rarely spend on extra staff, their technical support is either generally difficult to find, or the answers have to wait for days. A bona fide company is as client-oriented as possible, has several channels of communication with potential users, representation in social networks, and responds quickly to requests.  


How bookmakers cheat?

The online betting industry has many cheating schemes, from the simplest to the most layered. Most often the deception is based on the fact that you are promised a guaranteed profit. This may be an “acquaintance” from a social network, which suddenly became generous to share with you information about matches-doctrines or the exact outcome of other events. Except that he will tell you to bet necessarily on a particular site. And for plausibility, he may ask you to share some of your winnings.

The evolution of the situation can go according to different scenarios:

  • fraudulent bookmakers and adviser acquaintance disappear immediately after making a deposit;
  • BK site doesn’t pay the winnings;
  • the winnings are supposedly paid, but the card number differs from yours by 1 digit.

So gullible users are also caught by making additional contributions to the account of the bookmaker’s office insurance, pay taxes on winnings, interest for banking services. Remember that no additional fees are required by a normal bookmaker, all this is already included in the terms of use of the internal account.

not infrequently, fraudulent bookmakers masquerade as well-known companies. It is especially convenient now, when the betting sites began to actively use mirrors. Before you use a new mirror or make a deposit to one, it is advisable to contact the official support team of the company and check whether it is their resource. 

Additional safety precautions

Since today even reviews are often commissioned, we advise you to check the authenticity and reliability of the bookmaker’s office through specialized monitoring portals. If you want to try your luck in a start-up betting company, do not risk large sums, try not to keep the money you win on your account, and promptly withdraw it. Before making bets, be sure to specify the minimum amount for withdrawal – you should not make a deposit, if it significantly exceeds your gambling turnover.