Top 5 facts about fixed matches. Why shouldn’t you bet on a fix?

Fixed matches are sporting events with the course and/or outcome of the game known in advance to the participants. They do exist and are punishable by law. All kinds of sports organizations and betting shops are fighting against them. After all, the main reason for the parties to agree on the course and outcome of a sporting event is to make money by betting on sports. Not only bookmakers, but also ordinary users, who want to get rich at the expense of guaranteed results, lose on the fixing.


Most of the information about fixed matches is fake

If you want to buy information about fixed matches, which will help you make win-win bets, then keep in mind that in 99% of cases you will pay for a fake. Scammers offer their services on social networks, forums and specialized sites. Even the naked eye can see that such a large number of faked results is simply impossible. The information is sold according to different schemes: the novice cheaters just disappear after receiving the money. More shrewd ones sell different results to different users.

Widespread schemes include selling an archive with a password, when a potential buyer opens the archive after the match, the results of the outcome in it coincide with the real ones. That should serve as a proof of honesty of the seller, but in fact he does not use a simple archive, but a special mini-program that changes the result, depending on the digits of the entered password.


Betting on fixed matches is prohibited by the rules of all bookmakers

If you think that betting on “sure thing” results will help you to live comfortably until your old age, you are mistaken. The bookmakers’ security service is constantly working to identify such betting on sports and quickly suppresses such activity, it can be:

  • warning;
  • fine or block the money until found out;
  • cutting of betting limits;
  • blocking the account.

And sometimes even conscientious players find it difficult to explain their choice of a sporting event.  


There are no sports events with a 100% guarantee

Contractual matches do exist, but even in the case of a pre-planned course of the event something can go wrong and the result will not change in your favor. They can change the pitch, a player, the referee or a pure chance will give you an unplanned goal. So the probability to win on match-fixing games is not that much higher from quality analytics, as it may seem.


Sports events do not always have high odds

In advertising their services the scammers often operate by saying that they will tell you the correct odds of betting on the sport events with the odds 45-50. But in practice such odds are quite seldom. Most likely you will have to play by the banal 1,9-2,3. Is such information worth the money or is it better to spend some time studying the analytics?


Contractual matches have characteristic features

Such sport events usually take place at the end of the season, when the teams’ position in the tournament is already decided. Teams from the middle of the standings are spotted in the rigged matches. Gross mistakes are made by the participants in the game. For example, the players do not try to take the ball away from the opponent, the goalkeeper constantly rushes forward, leaving the goal open. The referee is clearly biased, may not notice serious violations of one team and overly punish the other. Odds on bookmaker bets suddenly drop or, conversely, skyrocket.