How does a bookmaker’s office fight betting fraud?

There are a lot of articles about unscrupulous bookmakers, but you should be aware that where money is involved – fraud can appear on both sides. And gamblers cheaters are as common as fake bookmakers. There are several ways to get unfairly rich by betting on sports. And often such tricksters try to work “both ways”, they try to cheat the bookmaker’s office, as well as sell their secrets to other users for a large or symbolic remuneration. But do not flatter yourself, bookmakers are carefully monitoring the activities of suspicious accounts, and most likely the winnings simply will not be paid, but you lose the money on deposit.


Contractual Matches

Contractual matches are the scourge of modern sports. And they affect not only the reputation of clubs and leagues, but also the welfare of bookmakers. Cheaters often try to use information about match-fixing for their own purposes, but a good bookmaker quickly identifies suspicious matches and cancels bets. The main signs of a rigged match:

  • anomalously high number of bets on the event;
  • increased quantity of bets from new and inactive accounts;
  • bets from accounts of relatives or friends of participants or organizers of the event.

A closer look at a particular cross-section of events, where the most frequent bets on rigged matches are realized: in soccer it is the totals in play, in tennis the lost game on one’s own serve in play. Bookmakers, specialized organizations and leading leagues fight against match-fixing. So even if the information is current at the time of purchase, there is a high probability that the conspiracy will reveal itself and you will lose money twice – on buying it from cheaters and on betting on sports.    



The second common type of fraud is multi-accounting. This is when a player creates multiple profiles at the portal in order to get rich in an unfair way. For example, it could be a desire to bet on fixed matches from several accounts or to get repeatedly a welcome bonus, collect freebies (free bets). This way not only cheaters players act, but also users who just want to be reinsured and have the opportunity to play at their favorite site after the blocking of the main account.

As in the previous case, a good bookmaker’s office quickly enough reveals repeated registrations and it does not end well for the user. In order to detect multi-accounting, the security services usually check the IP addresses, the behavior of the profiles with the same or similar bets.

Creation of additional accounts is strictly forbidden by the rules of betting offices in 99% of cases. The penalties for such a violation are very severe, up to blocking the accounts with all the funds on them. So, if you are seriously thinking about this way of enrichment, it is also worth evaluating the risks and consequences.


Slips in sports betting

The use of forks in sports betting is also prohibited by the rules of bookmakers. Fork occurs when different betting companies set high odds on opposite results of the same event. For example, in the Dynamo-Shakhtar match, one bookmaker allows you to bet on the victory of Dynamo at odds of 2.10, and the second on the victory of Shakhtar at odds of 2.15. 

Some forks may include several events at the same time, but the essence of them is that betting on sports will benefit the player in any case. Profitability of forks is low, players bet large sums, by which they are calculated. The punishment is the cutting of the limit or blocking.